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    May 27 Seminar

    Sarah Bridle (Manchester)
    Quantifying Dark Energy using Cosmic Lensing

    Jun 03 Seminar

    Iain McDonald (Manchester)
    Making and breaking the interstellar media of globular clusters

    Jun 17 Seminar

    Jimi Green (SKA)

    Latest News

    Astrophysicists plant ‘Dark Matter’ at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show

    When stars collide: LJMU team identify rare luminous red nova in Andromeda

    Astronomers catch Tatooine multiple star system as it forms

    European Grant to help our understanding of how galaxies form

    Recent Publications

    • THOR - The HI, OH, Recombination Line Survey of the Milky Way - The pilot study: HI observations of the giant molecular cloud W43. 1505.05176v1.pdf link>
    • The Gaia-ESO Survey: Insights on the inner-disc evolution from open clusters. link>
    • Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): Redshift Space Distortions from the Clipped Galaxy Field. link>
    • Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): maximum likelihood determination of the luminosity function and its evolution. 1505.01003v1.pdf link>

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