Bullying & harassment

The ARI aims to be a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all students, visitors and staff.  Just like everyone at LJMU, staff members have to adhere to this code of conduct, while students have to follow this code of behaviour. In addition, our statement of values lists expected and unacceptable behaviours at the ARI.

You can find here and here more information on LJMU's harassment and bullying policy. The appendix in the Dignity at Work policy proposes the following informal strategies to deal with unacceptable behaviour:

  • talking or writing to the person concerned
  • talking to a manager
  • involving a third party (in the case of the ARI, this could be one of the listeners)

In addition to this, staff members can:

  • seek advice from People and Organisational Development (our contact is Laura Halpin l.halpin@ljmu.ac.uk)
  • seek advice from the trade union
  • ask for mediation services (via our contact at POD)

while students can:

An informal approach may effectively address the unwanted behaviour without recourse to formal procedures. However, there are some circumstances where the alleged behaviour may be considered sufficiently serious to warrant an immediate formal investigation. A written complaint will need to be submitted, setting out the full details of the conduct in question, including the name of the harasser or bully, the nature of the harassment or bullying, the date(s) and time(s) at which it occurred, the names of any witnesses and any action that has been taken so far to attempt to stop it from occurring. The relevant form can be found within the grievance policy.

If you have any concern, and would like informal advice, you can contact the listeners.