E&D committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee meets fortnightly within the department. The committee is open to all and if you wish to join please contact the chairs, Stacey Habergham-Mawson and Marie Martig.

The role of the committee is to oversee improvements in the ARI environment and relations at all levels in the interests of wider equality and diversity by:

  • Embracing the six Juno principles of good practice
  • Collating and annually reviewing statistical and qualitative data and receiving reports from relevant areas, including gender-disaggregated information on undergraduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral admissions as well as job applications, appointments and promotions
  • Researching areas of good practice across the sector and producing departmental ‘Good Practice’ guides
  • Generating and implementing an Action Plan, including monitoring progress and regularly updating the plan based on feedback from staff and students
  • Reporting back to the departmental management board and central university committees to try and affect wider change in the pursuit of advancements in equality and diversity