Merseyside Astronomy Day

Speaker: Nic Labrosse

Nic Labrosse Name: Nic Labrosse
Place: Glasgow University

Nicolas Labrosse is Senior Lecturer in the School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Glasgow. His primary research interests are in understanding complex processes in the Sun's atmosphere which affect Space Weather. He is particularly interested in solar prominences and in solar flares. Nicolas can be found on Twitter @niclabrosse

Talk: What's behind Solar Prominences and Tornadoes?

Solar Prominence A few years ago, specialist journals were reporting news of tornadoes observed in the solar atmosphere by an American satellite launched by NASA. The media also spread the discovery. Since then, researchers like myself have tried to understand these peculiar phenomena. I will aim to address some of the questions that we've been asking ourselves: What do these tornadoes have in common with tornadoes on Earth? Are they actually rotating or not? Is there a link with other better-known solar phenomena (yet as mysterious)? Why haven't they been detected before? Is the Sun taking a new turn? Are solar tornadoes dangerous?
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