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    22 Oct 2018 
    Postdoctoral position in cosmology
    01 Aug 2018 
    Supersharp images from new adaptive optics system
    05 Jul 2018 
    MULTI-POP interview with EU Researcher Magazine
    06 Apr 2018 
    Our study suggests the elusive ‘neutrino’ could make up a significant part of dark matter
    21 Mar 2018 
    LJMU scientist wins silver award in Parliament
    20 Mar 2018 
    Job Vacancy: Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Drone/Image analyses
    5 Feb 2018 
    Dance of galaxies challenges current thinking on cosmology
    22 Jan 2018 
    Study of distant galaxies challenges our understanding of how stars form


    7 Dec 2017 
    Seven things you didn’t know about astrophysics in Liverpool
    7 Dec 2017 
    £1.2m win for LJMU as Science and Technology Facilities Council supports cutting edge research at ARI
    6 Dec 2017 
    EU Horizon 2020 funding to uncover the ‘dark side’ of the Universe
    16 Nov 2017 
    ARI feature in a South Africa TV documentary on the riverine rabbit
    8 Nov 2017 
    Astronomers and space scientists from across Europe to link up in Liverpool
    26 Oct 2017 
    LJMU to benefit from £1million ’Big Data’ training centre
    19 Oct 2017 
    New era of gravitational wave astronomy
    6 Oct 2017 
    Is there beer in space?
    7 Sept 2017 
    Times Higher Award shortlisting for ‘star-shattering’ research project
    3 Sept 2017 
    Stargazing: Astronomy from the Edge of the World
    1 Aug 2017 
    Drones to the rescue: wildlife park footage will help save endangered animals
    27 July 2017 
    Gamma-ray burst captured in unprecedented detail
    25 July 2017 
    Tales from the Liverpool Telescope
    30 June 2017 
    ARI astronomer receives VC Award for Excellence in Research
    1 June 2017 
    Could cold spot in the sky be a bruise from a collision with a parallel universe?
    25 May 2017 
    LJMU astronomer helps uncover new object in famous galaxy
    2 Apr 2017 
    New Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Intensive Science: LIV.DAT
    19 Apr 2017 
    Shooting for the stars: capturing the beauty of science through astrophotography
    5 Apr 2017 
    New research opportunities with GROWTH for the Astrophysics Research Institute
    22 Feb 2017 
    LJMU at the forefront of the search for other-Earths
    6 Feb 2017 
    The solution from the skies to save endangered species
    31 Jan 2017 
    Scientists from the ARI launch a new citizen science project to classify galaxies in the local Universe


    1 Dec 2016 
    LJMU Astrophysicist visits politicians in Westminster
    21 Nov 2016 
    New stars discovery shed new light on Galaxy's formation
    15 Nov 2016 
    LJMU to host major global astronomy and space science event
    11 Oct 2016 
    ARI paper featured in Nature 'Research Highlights'
    7 Oct 2016 
    Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Counterpart Predictions and Searches
    5 Oct 2016 
    University astrophysicist 'starring' role in Terrence Malick Hollywood movie
    18 Aug 2016 
    Is the Earth at risk from supernovae? LJMU astronomers diagnose how soon before nearby stars will explode
    10 Jun 2016 
    New undergraduate prospectus launched
    8 Jun 2016 
    ‘Wasteful’ galaxies launch heavy elements into surrounding halos and deep space
    22 Apr 2016 
    More EAGLE Success at Educate North Awards 2016
    22 Apr 2016 
    Are we alone? Professor Monica Grady delivers latest Roscoe lecture
    5 Apr 2016 
    New partnership established to develop world's largest robotic telescope
    2 Apr 2016 
    World's largest robotic telescope planned by the ARI
    11 Mar 2016 
    Gravitational wave science used to search for catastrophic explosion
    4 Mar 2016 
    Cosmological simulations led by ARI scientists shortlisted for Research Project of the Year
    10 Feb 2016 
    Milestone for National Schools' Observatory
    9 Feb 2016 
    Researchers on hand at Tim Peake link up
    27 Jan 2016 
    Simulated evolution of the Universe
    22 Jan 2016 
    Zois Award 2015
    18 Jan 2016 
    The ARI hosts the First International M31 Recurrent Nova Workshop
    15 Jan 2016 
    Record-breaking Supernova discovered
    13 Jan 2016 
    Explosions, Dust and Robots: A retrospective view from the life and times of a ‘transient astronomer’ Prof Mike Bode


    16 Sep 2015 
    Free Public Lecture in Astronomy: First Light - Prof James Dunlop
    22 Jul 2015 
    2015 STFC Rutherford Fellowship
    09 Jul 2015 
    NAM 2015: Erupting every year and on the brink of catastrophe: the ‘best candidate’ supernova
    09 Jul 2015 
    NAM 2015: Colliding red giant prime suspect for luminous red nova outburst
    09 Jun 2015 
    NAM 2015: Teacher Training Day
    08 Jun 2015 
    Why some stars are born alone
    01 Jun 2015 
    Bringing the Universe down to Earth
    18 May 2015 
    Astrophysicists plant ‘Dark Matter’ at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show
    05 May 2015 
    When stars collide: LJMU team identify rare luminous red nova in Andromeda
    18 Mar 2015 
    Astronomers catch Tatooine multiple star system as it forms
    02 Feb 2015 
    Exceptional Research Excellence Framework (REF) results


    03 Dec 2014 
    The NSO's Inaugural Primary Space Christmas Lecture
    18 Nov 2014 
    Black hole caught having a snack
    16 Oct 2014 
    Rapid SPRAT confirmation of a Gaia transient: it's a dwarf nova!
    14 Oct 2014 
    Liverpool Telescope Discovers Sixth Eruption of a Remarkable Recurrent Nova in M31
    12 Sep 2014 
    Gaia discovers its first Supernova
    05 Sep 2014 
    LJMU scientists announce the arrival of SPRAT, an exciting new instrument on the Liverpool Telescope
    12 Aug 2014 
    STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships 2014 available
    06 Aug 2014 
    Research Council confirms future Liverpool Telescope Operations funding
    23 Jan 2014 
    A remarkable recurrent nova in M31


    06 Dec 2013 
    150th Anniversary of UK-Japan Academic Interaction
    26 Nov 2013 
    'Light and Dark' on the BBC
    07 Nov 2013 
    'The Hunt for Alien Life' now on LJMUTV
    11 Oct 2013 
    Professor Mike Bode nominated for “Knowledge Leader of the Year”
    19 Aug 2013 
    Liverpool Telescope spectra confirm the nature of the naked-eye brightness Nova Delphini 2013
    22 Apr 2013 
    ARI in Space!
    27 Feb 2013 
    The Adventures of the Serapis
    26 Feb 2013 
    Near Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14 Tracked with Liverpool Telescope
    22 Jan 2013 
    NSO celebrates its 50,000th observing request
    10 Jan 2013 
    BBC Stargazing Live 2013


    06 Dec 2012 
    The LT prepares for Gaia support duties
    08 Nov 2012 
    Andy's Astro Tour stops off in Cornwall
    01 Aug 2012 
    Professor Andy Newsam
    20 Jul 2012 
    The Big Bang North West 2012
    16 Jul 2012 
    Work Experience Week at the ARI
    28 Jun 2012 
    Celebrating students across the region
    21 Jun 2012 
    The First Stars in the Universe at LJMU's Gamma Ray Burst Conference
    15 May 2012 
    New LT Support Building Opened by LJMU Vice Chancellor
    02 May 2012 
    Black Hole Observed Devouring Star
    16 Mar 2012 
    ARI visit by former NASA Astronaut Professor David C Hilmers (MD)
    15 Mar 2012 
    Free Public Lecture in Astronomy - Aphrodite's Computer: The Antikythera Mechanism
    01 Mar 2012 
    National Schools’ Observatory students stars of the Sky at Night
    17 Jan 2012 
    BBC Stargazing: A Ferry good night.


    26 Aug 2011 
    LT's Rapid Response Capability Grabs Possibly Earliest Spectra of Type 1a Supernova
    13 Jul 2011 
    NSO observes Neptune one year on
    07 Jul 2011 
    Liverpool Telescope challenges galaxy formation theory
    06 Jul 2011 
    ARI Astronomer collaborates on award winning play
    01 Jul 2011 
    Astronomers reveal a cosmic 'axis of evil'
    31 May 2011 
    Public Lecture 23rd June: Hubble in Orbit: Two Decades And Counting
    26 May 2011 
    LT Helps Discover Eclipsing White Dwarf Binary Pair