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  • 'Light and Dark' on the BBC

    Visiting LJMU Professor Paul Murdin was interviewed as part of BBC4’s 'Light and Dark', an exploration of the Universe by Professor Jim Al-Khalili. Professor Murdin discovered the first black hole in 1971, from observations made with the Isaac Newton Telescope. Prof. Murdin and collaborator Louise Webster discovered that the bright X-ray source Cygnus X-1 was a binary system, with a giant blue star orbiting a dark object, which they realised was likely to be a black hole.

    Subsequent observations have confirmed this, and current indications are that the black hole has a mass about 15 times that of our Sun.

    "Professor Jim Al-Khalili tells the story of how we went from thinking we were close to a complete understanding of the universe to realising we had seen almost none of it. Today, our best estimate is that more than 99 per cent of the cosmos is hidden in the dark, invisible to our telescopes and beyond our comprehension." (BBC)

    The programme is available on the BBC’s iPlayer, until Thu, 5 Dec 2013.

    Copyright 2013 BBC