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  • Projects in computational & theoretical galaxy formation

    exgal anim.gif

    Supervisors: Ian McCarthy, Andreea Font & Rob Crain

    The computational & theoretical galaxy formation group offers Ph.D positions covering all areas of galaxy formation. Candidates are encouraged to contact us to discuss thesis projects. Key topics of interest pursued by the group include:

  • Thermodynamics of hot gas in massive galaxies, groups, and clusters
  • Cosmology and astrophysics with the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect and weak gravitational lensing
  • The morphological and dynamical build-up of galaxies
  • The impact of feedback (stellar winds, supernovae and black holes) on the formation and evolution of galaxies
  • The dynamics and enrichment of circumgalactic gas
  • The origin of galactic stellar haloes
  • The assembly of the Milky Way
  • The Local Group as a testbed of cosmological models
  • The role of environment in galaxy formation
  • Software development for state-of-the-art cosmological hydrodynamical simulations
  • The impact of galactic tides on the survival of star clusters (with the LJMU star formation group)

    The ARI at LJMU typically enrolls four or five new Ph.D students per year across all astronomy disciplines. Successful applicants require a first or upper second class honours degree in an appropriate subject, e.g. physics, astronomy, mathematics.

    To ensure full consideration, application materials must be received by February 1st 2015. Applications can be made by filling in the online application form.