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  • Prof. Nate Bastian, Dr. Ben Davies, Dr. Steve Longmore, Prof. Maurizio Salaris

    Globular clusters, once thought to be the quintessential simple stellar population (all stars have the same age/metal content), are now known to host stars with varying chemical abundances. The origin of these chemical anomalies is currently under debate, and has called into question our understand of globular cluster formation and their subsequent evolution. Our group has recently shown that all suggested scenarios do not work, so we’re starting back at square one, developing new theories and tests.

    We have a number of projects in this area available, including both observational (HST photometry, ground based spectroscopy) and theoretical (stellar evolution, dynamics of proto-globular clusters) studies. The student(s) for this project will work with postdoctoral researchers (at LJMU) Dr. Carmela Lardo and Dr. Chris Usher. This project is funded, in part, by a European Research Council grant obtained by Prof. N. Bastian.