Galaxy Formation and Evolution

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We work on most aspects of galaxy formation and evolution, from both observational and theoretical perspectives. Our research spans population studies of dwarf galaxies up to the most massive clusters of galaxies, supermassive black holes, and detailed modelling of the internal structure of galaxies including our own Milky Way galaxy.

We are involved in a number of major international observational survey projects such as the UKIDSS and VISTA surveys, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), Gaia, GAMA, XCS, XXL, e-MERLIN, LOFAR, WEAVE, Euclid, and LSST. Theoretically, we carry out state-of-the-art cosmological hydrodynamical simulations on some of the largest academic high performance computing (HPC) facilities in the UK and Europe and are active members of the Virgo Consortium.



Research Staff

Research interests
(O=observations, T=theory)

Ivan Baldry I.Baldry galaxies (O; ADS)
Dave Carter D.Carter galaxies, clusters (O; ADS)
Chris Collins C.A.Collins galaxies, clusters (O; ADS)
Rob Crain R.A.Crain galaxies (T; ADS)
Andreea Font A.S.Font galaxies, Milky Way (T; ADS)
Phil James P.A.James galaxies, supernovae (O; ADS)
Witold Maciejewski W.Maciejewski galaxy dynamics, AGN (T; ADS)
Ian McCarthy I.G.McCarthy galaxies, clusters, AGN (T; ADS)

Postdocs and fellows
Stacey Habergham S.M.Habergham galaxies (O; ADS)
Lee Kelvin L.S.Kelvin galaxies, clusters (O; ADS)

Graduate students (add to emails)
Thomas Sedgwick T.M.Sedgwick@2013. galaxies (O)
Martyn Bristow M.Bristow@2007. clusters (O)
Caroline Caldwell C.E.Caldwell@2012. AGN (O,T)
Kate Furnell K.E.Furnell@2015. galaxies, clusters (O)
Scot Hickinbottom S.A.Hickinbottom@2011. galaxies (O)
Clare Ivory C.F.Ivory@2007. galaxies (O)
Benjamin Mummery B.O.Mummery@2010. clusters, AGN (T)
Adrien Thob A.Thob@2015. galaxies (T)
Richard Williams R.P.Williams@2012. galaxies (O)

PhD Positions

We offer PhD projects in all our research areas. We encourage potential applicants to contact individual staff members about projects.