Star Formation and Stellar Populations


The star formation and stellar populations group works on many aspects of star formation, stellar evolution and the exploration of stellar populations for Galactic and extragalactic studies. Our research spans the earliest stages of star-formation in proto-stellar clouds, the role of feedback from massive young stars on their surroundings, the formation and evolution of dense stellar clusters, detailed calculations of how stars evolve, and how ancient globular clusters relate to their host galaxies.

Members of the star formation and stellar populations group are involved in a number of major international observational survey projects such as APOGEE, MALT90, HOPS SUMO, and the RMS survey. Additionally, we lead the BaSTI (A Bag of Stellar Tracks and Isochrones) project.



Research Staff

Research interests
(O=observations, T=theory)

Nate Bastian N.J.Bastian stellar clusters/populations (O; ADS)
Ben Davies B.Davies Massive stars, stellar abundances & chemical evolution (O; ADS)
Steve Longmore S.N.Longmore star formation, GMCs (O; ADS)
Marie Martig M.Martig stellar populations, galaxy assembly (O/T; ADS)
Toby Moore T.J.Moore star formation, GMCs (O; ADS)
Maurizio Salaris M.Salaris stellar evolution/populations (T; ADS)
Ricardo Schiavon R.P.Schiavon stellar populations (O, T; ADS)

Postdocs and Fellows
Will Chantereau W.Chantereau stellar populations and stellar evolution (T; ADS)
David Eden D.J.Eden star formation, GMCs (O; [ADS])
Maria de Juan Ovelar M.DeJuanOvelar protoplanetary discs (T; ADS)
Sebastian Kamann S.Kamann stellar dynamics, globular clusters (O; ADS)
Sue Percival S.M.Percival stellar populations (O,T; ADS)
Joel Pfeffer J.L.Pfeffer stellar clusters, galaxy formation and evolution (T; ADS)
Christopher Usher C.G.Usher stellar clusters and populations, galaxy evolution (O; ADS)

Graduate students (add to emails)
Emma Beasor E.Beasor@2010. massive stars, stellar abundances (O)
Hannah Dalgleish H.S.Dalgleish@2016. star formation, stellar populations (O; ADS)
Joaquin Garcia De La Cruz J.GarciaDeLaCruz@2017. stellar populations (O)
Daniel Horta Darrington D.HortaDarrington@2018. stellar populations (O)
Jessica Kitamura J.R.Kitamura@2015. stellar evolution/populations (O, T)
Rhana Nicholson R.B.Nicholson@2011. cluster dynamics, planetary systems (T)

PhD Positions

We offer PhD projects in all our research areas. We encourage potential applicants to contact individual staff members about projects.