Time Domain Astrophysics


The Time Domain group currently works on a variety of explosive transients, including Galactic and extragalactic Novae, Type Ia Supernovae (SNe), Core Collapse Supernovae, and Gamma Rays Bursts (GRBs). Our research spans observations of the outbursts of these systems, the resulting remnants, their galactic environments, population statistics, and their progenitors. Theoretically, we investigate and model the fundamental mechanisms driving these phenomena.  We are also investigating electromagnetic (EM) counterparts of gravitational wave (GW) sources. 

The fully robotic Liverpool Telescope is the workhorse facility of the Time Domain group. Members of the Time Domain group are involved of a number of major international observational survey projects such as PESSTO. We have partnerships with ZTF and LCGOT, and are heavily involved in Swift observing programmes.



Research Staff

(add @ljmu.ac.uk)
Research interests
(O=observations, T=theory)

David Bersier D.F.Bersier variables, SNe, GRBs (O; ADS)
Chris Copperwheat C.M.Copperwheat CVs, GWEM, transients, exoplanets (O; ADS)
Matt Darnley M.J.Darnley novae, microlensing (O; ADS)
Stacey Habergham-Mawson S.M.HaberghamMawson SNe (O; ADS)
Daniel Harman D.J.Harman PNe, nova remnants (O; ADS)
Phil James P.A.James SNe (O; ADS)
Shiho Kobayashi S.Kobayashi GW astrophysics, GRBs (T; ADS)
Paolo Mazzali P.Mazzali SNe (T; ADS)
Andy Newsam A.Newsam (O; ADS)
Daniel Perley D.A.Perley  
Robert Smith R.J.Smith (O)
Iain Steele I.A.Steele exoplanets, Be stars, GRBs (O; ADS)

Postdocs and Fellows
√Čamonn Harvey E.J.Harvey (O) Novae
Helen Jermak H.E.Jermak

(O) Blazars

Manisha Shrestha M.Shrestha (O,T) Time domain polarimetry
Jacob Teffs J.J.Teffs  

Visiting Research Fellows
Elena Pian E.Pian SNe

Graduate Students (add ljmu.ac.uk to emails)
Allister Cockeram A.M.Cockeram@2014.  
Joseph Fernandez J.J.Fernandez@2017.  
Michael Healy M.W.Healy@2017.  
Fiona Murphy-Glaysher F.J.MurphyGlaysher@2018.  
Conor Ransome C.Ransome@2018.  
Lawrence Short L.A.Short@2015. variables (O)
Tricia Sullivan T.Sullivan@2015.  
Kirsty Taggart K.L.Taggart@2016.  
Kevin Tsang K.Tsang@2011. variables (O)

PhD Positions

We offer PhD projects in all our research areas. We encourage potential applicants to contact individual staff members about projects.