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    Research Staff

    Research interests
    (O=observations, T=theory)

    Ivan Baldry I.Baldry galaxies (O; ADS)
    Dave Carter D.Carter galaxies, clusters (O; ADS)
    Chris Collins C.A.Collins galaxies, clusters (O; ADS)
    Rob Crain R.A.Crain galaxies (T; ADS)
    Andreea Font A.S.Font galaxies, Milky Way (T; ADS)
    Phil James P.A.James galaxies, supernovae (O; ADS)
    Witold Maciejewski W.Maciejewski galaxy dynamics, AGN (T; ADS)
    Ian McCarthy I.G.McCarthy galaxies, clusters, AGN (T; ADS)

    Postdocs and fellows
    Stacey Habergham S.M.Habergham galaxies (O; ADS)
    Lee Kelvin L.S.Kelvin galaxies, clusters (O; ADS)

    Graduate students (add to emails)
    Martyn Bristow M.Bristow@2007.clusters (O)
    Caroline Caldwell C.E.Caldwell@2012.AGN (O,T)
    Kate Furnell K.E.Furnell@2015.galaxies, clusters (O)
    Scot Hickinbottom S.A.Hickinbottom@2011.galaxies (O)
    Clare Ivory C.F.Ivory@2007. galaxies (O)
    Benjamin Mummery B.O.Mummery@2010. clusters, AGN (T)
    Adrien Thob A.Thob@2015. galaxies (T)
    Richard Williams R.P.Williams@2012.galaxies (O)

    PhD Positions

    We offer PhD projects in all our research areas. We encourage potential applicants to contact individual staff members about projects.