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  • Astrophysics Collaborative Degree ― F521: Astrophysics 4-year MPhys

    Year 1 and 2 structure

    All Liverpool Physics and Astrophysics degrees share a common first two years, please refer to the F3F5 programme

    Recent Research Project Examples

    Progenitors of extragalactic novae with the Hubble Space Telescope
    Milky Way gas-dynamical simulations for the Gaia mission

    Astrometry constraints on black hole – black hole binary systems

    Near-Earth asteroid follow-up with the Liverpool Telescope

    Year 3 academic content

    Stellar Astrophysics
    Observational Astrophysics
    Quantum Mechanics
    Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics
    Relativity and Cosmology

    Astrophysics Field Trip
    Stellar Atmospheres
    Planetary Physics
    Surface Physics
    Materials Physics
    Accelerators and Radioisotopes
    Physics of Life
    (see prospectus for full listing)

    Year 4 academic content

    Extended Research Project
    The Interstellar Medium
    Computational Astrophysics
    Astrophysics Communication

    Stellar Populations
    Stellar Dynamics
    Physics of the Radiative Universe
    Research Skills
    Classical Mechanics
    Advanced Electromagnetism
    Adavnced Quantum Physics
    Advanced Nuclear Physics
    Advanced Particle Physics
    Condensed Matter Physics
    Chaos Theory
    (see prospectus for full listing)

    2016 Minimum Entry Requirements

    A-levels: AAB including both Maths and Physics
    International Baccalaureate: 35 points with 6 in higher level Maths and Physics
    BTEC Extended Diploma: D*DD with acceptable Maths and Physics content
    Access to Higher Education: Not accepted, please see F3F5
    Other qualifications or combinations: Please contact for information