Andreea Font

I am a Senior Lecturer at the Astrophysics Research Institute (ARI) , Liverpool John Moores University. My research interests are on the formation and evolution of galaxies, in particular that of the Milky Way and of other Local Group galaxies. At ARI, I am part of the Galaxy Formation and Evolution and the Computational Cosmology research groups. A few examples of my past research projects can be found here.

I am member and coordinator of the "Gaia Challenge" Halo & Tidal streams working group, as well as a member in the WEAVE Science Team . My main interest is in the modeling of stellar haloes and tidal streams of Milky Way-like systems and make predictions for these Galactic surveys.

Ph.D projects are available on topics such as the origin of galactic stellar haloes, the assembly of the Milky Way, the Local Group as a testbed of cosmological models, etc. More information about the topics and how to apply can be found here.

Publications: For a full list of publications, you can access this NASA ADS link or my Google Scholar Page.

Short bio:

In 2006 I was awarded an STFC Postdoctoral Grant at the Institute of Computational Cosmology in Durham. In 2009 I started a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin fellowship at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge. I obtained a Ph.D in Astronomy from the University of Victoria in Canada (2005).

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