Maria de Juan Ovelar

’m a research fellow at the Astrophysics Research Institute (ARI) of the Liverpool John Moores University.

My main research interest focusses on planet formation processes and their observational traces. I work with observations and models of protoplanetary discs around young stars trying to detect the signatures of planets that are forming in them. Another important point of my research deals with the effects the environment in which a star evolves has on its potential to form planets.

One observational technique that has been the center of my PhD research is imaging polarimetry. With this technique one takes images of the polarised scattered star-light that comes from the circumstellar discs around young stars. Polarimetry can provide important information of the type of particles that scatter the light and it is particularly good at revealing the morphology of the discs.

In a more technical part of my PhD I have worked on  the analysis and correction of polarimetric instrumental effects introduced by the optical design of telescopes like the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT).

I was born in Madrid (Spain) where I conducted my bachelor and master’s studies in Aerospace and Materials engineering, respectively. In 2010 I moved to Utrecht (The Netherlands) where I started my PhD at the former Astronomical Institute of Utrecht. At the end of 2011 the institute was closed and I was transferred to the Leiden Observatory (Leiden University) where I obtained my doctorate degree in December 2013.



PhD Thesis.

I defended my PhD thesis on the 12th of  December 2013. The complete dissertation can be found here