In collaboration with Jim Geach (Royal Society URF at the University of Hertfordshire), I have developed the Typhoon volume rendering toolkit, based on python and vtk. These tools enable the volume rendering of 3-dimensional data, such as particle sets from N-body & SPH simulations, and observational data from integral field units (IFUs) and interferometers.

Besides aiding the exploration and interpretation of complex datasets, these techniques are invaluable as a means to create astronomy movies for public engagement and outreach. Some recent examples are available to view on our Vimeo channel, and EAGLE movies specifically can be found on the EAGLE visualisation page. An example of Typhoon’s capabilities can be seen from this movie of EAGLE:

For best results, please view movies in HD at

Typhoon gallery

Nature, vol. 467, front cover

To promote a recent Letter to Nature by colleagues Andy Green (AAO) & Karl Glazebrook (Swinburne), we used Typhoon to create a galaxy visualisation based on the GIMIC simulations, seen 2 billion years after the Big Bang. The image was selected as the cover art for the volume carrying the Green et al. letter. A Swinburne press release relating to the paper can be accessed here.

Scientific American, May 2011

An article concerning galaxy formation, written by Jim, featured in the May 2011 edition of Scientific American. The article showcased Typhoon visualisations of high resolution GIMIC resimulations. Jim’s full article can be viewed here.

Universe: The Definitive Visual Guide

Typhoon visualisations of a hydrodynamic simulation of the formation of a spiral galaxy are featured in a new book from Dorling Kindersly, edited by the Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees.

Lorentz Center workshop poster: The dynamic nature of baryons in halos

A Typhoon visualisation of a high resolution GIMIC resimulation forms a spectacular backdrop for the poster advertising the Lorentz Center workshop The dynamic nature of baryons in haloes (August 6-10th 2012), which I co-organised with Ben Oppenheimer. The workshop’s website can be viewed here.

Eagle Simulations poster

A Typhoon visualisation of an Eagle simulation volume was recently used to advertise the project in a Virgo Consortium poster.

Royal Society / Durham University Cosmic Origins

As part of the Royal Society’s 2010 Summer Science Exhibition, the Institute for Computational Cosmology at Durham University created the 3D movie Cosmic Origins, to showcase leading-edge theoretical and numerical research in cosmology and galaxy formation. We contributed a section on the formation of dwarf galaxies, featuring a 3D movie of a cosmological gasdynamical simulation taken from my Ph.D thesis.

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