The GIMIC simulations:
Galaxies-Intergalactic Medium Interaction Calculation

The GIMIC project was a campaign of large-scale hydrodynamical simulations of the Lambda-Cold Dark Matter universe, run by the Virgo Consortium.

GIMIC pioneered the use of zoomed initial conditions as a means to enable relatively expensive hydrodynamical simulations to sample a range of cosmic environments similar to that probed by low-redshift galaxy surveys such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). GIMIC demonstrated that the large-scale cosmic environment (physical scales > 1 Mpc) impacts only upon the number density of galaxies; at fixed mass, the properties of galaxies are similar across all large-scale environments, a result presented in the GIMIC reference paper. A second major outcome of this study was the demonstration that simulations can reproduce the observed star formation history of the Universe but nonetheless yield a galaxy population with masses markedly different to those inferred from galaxy luminosity functions, as a consequence of the inaccurate treatment of energetic feedback in certain regimes. The galaxy stellar mass function (GSMF), or the stellar mass – halo mass relation in zoom simulations, has since become a litmus test for the `realism’ of simulations (see e.g. Bower, Benson & Crain 2012; Scannapieco et al. 2012).
GIMIC followed regions embedded in the Millennium Simulation (R. Crain / J. Geach)

GIMIC nevertheless reproduced the observed number density of galaxies comparable in mass to the Milky Way, and proved a valuable resource with which to explore their evolution, focussing on the formation of their stellar discs and haloes, their hot circumgalactic medium, and their satellite galaxies. GIMIC has also been used extensively to explore the impact of cosmic environment on galaxy evolution.

For a guaranteed list of up-to-date GIMIC publications, it’s best to check with NASA’s ADS, but I provide here an attempt to keep up to date with the reference, methods and analysis publications. Papers of which I am a coauthor are also served from the open access LJMU Research Online repository.

Reference paper:

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Methods papers

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 Analysis papers

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