Ivan Baldry's Research Page


  • from Baldry et al. 2014: GAMA: autoz spectral redshift measurements, confidence and errors


  • from Baldry et al. 2018: GAMA: the G02 field, Herschel-ATLAS target selection and Data Release 3
  • from Williams et al. 2016: GAMA: detection of low-surface-brightness galaxies from SDSS data
  • from Baldry et al. 2012: GAMA: The galaxy stellar mass function at z < 0.06
  • from Baldry et al. 2010: GAMA: The input catalogue and star-galaxy separation
  • from Baldry et al. 2008: On the galaxy stellar mass function, the mass-metallicity relation, and the implied baryonic mass function
  • from Baldry et al. 2006: Galaxy bimodality versus stellar mass and environment
  • from Baldry et al. 2005: The SDSS u-band Galaxy Survey: Luminosity functions and evolution
  • from Baldry et al. 2004: Quantifying the bimodal color-magnitude distribution of galaxies
  • from Balogh et al. 2004: The bimodal galaxy color distribution: Dependence on luminosity and environment


  • GAMA survey field locations
  • Rotation of 3D galaxy distributions for some low-redshift slices
  • Bimodality in the colour-magnitude distribution of galaxies
  • Environmental densities around galaxies
  • Bimodality in the colour-mass distribution for different environments
  • Bimodality and morphology of galaxies
  • Ultraviolet to infrared cosmic spectrum
  • Comparison between stellar initial mass functions

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  • document outlining calculations for spectral resolution of immersed transmission gratings,
  • document describing methods correcting for CCD non-linearity,
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  • publications and links for VPH gratings in astronomy,
  • a note on eight planets, dwarf planets and satellites.

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