Time-Series Spectroscopy of Pulsating Stars

Ivan K. Baldry, 1999, PhD thesis, Univ. Sydney

The PhD thesis is divided into a preamble, eight chapters, an appendix and references.

Preamble: Summary, acknowledgements and table of contents.
Chapter 1: Pulsating stars: introduction, asteroseismology and classification.
Chapter 2: Time-series spectroscopy: introduction, observing techniques and data reduction.
Chapter 3: Correcting for CCD non-linearities.
Chapter 4: H-alpha profile variations in the long-period Cepheid L Carinae (published in 1997: MNRAS, Vol. 289, p. 979).
Chapter 5: Velocities of H-alpha and metal lines in the roAp star Alpha Cir (published in 1998: MNRAS, Vol. 295, p. 33).
Chapter 6: The bisector and equivalent-width of the H-alpha line in the roAp star Alpha Cir (published in 1999: MNRAS, Vol. 302, p. 381).
Chapter 7: The pulsation of the roAp star HR 3831 (revised version of chapters 7 & 8 published in 2000: MNRAS, Vol. 318, p. 341).
Chapter 8: RoAp stars: further discussion and conclusions.
Appendix: Extra figures and information for Alpha Cir and HR 3831.
References: Cited articles and books with titles.

As a single file

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Divided into 8 files

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