Multi-Pops is an European Research Council (ERC) funded project with two overarching goals.  The first is to understand the origin of multiple stellar populations observed in globular clusters, and the second is to place the formation and evolution of globular clusters in a full cosmological context.  Our current projects are given below.

A recent article summarising our work can be found here (from EU Research Magazine).

-Using young massive clusters (YMCs) to constrain the origins of multiple populations observed in the ancient globular clusters.  Led by Ms. Silvia Martocchia and Dr. Ivan Cabrera-Ziri (Harvard). 

-Quantifying the range of multiple population characteristics present and how they relate to the host cluster properties, as well as the full cluster population in general.  Led by Dr. Carmela Lardo (Lausanne).

-Using integrated light measurements to understand the properties of stellar populations in globular clusters, bulges and early type galaxies.  Led by Dr. Chris Usher and Dr. William Chantereau.

-Resolved kinematical studies of young and old GCs in the Galaxy and nearby neighbours.  Led by Dr. Sebastian Kamann.

-E-MOSAICS:  The EAGLE Modelling Star Cluster System Assembly in Cosmological Simulations.  We use the EAGLE cosmological simulations to follow the formation and evolution of globular clusters in tandem with the formation of their host galaxies.  Led by Dr. Joel Pfeffer in collaboration with Dr. Diederik Kruijssen (Heidelberg) and Dr. Rob Crain (LJMU).


The Origin and Evolution of Globular Clusters (PI Prof. Nate Bastian)

Group photo at the Sexten Workshop on “Multiple Populations in Globular Clusters.”  From left to right:  Ivan Cabrera-Ziri, Florian Niederhofer, Carmela Lardo, Joel Pfeffer, Nate Bastian & Chris Usher. 

July 29th, 2016

Group photo at the Sexten Workshop on “Globular Cluster Formation and High and Low Redhshift.”  From left to right:  Carmela Lardo, Joel Pfeffer, Ivan Cabrera-Ziri, Nate Bastian, Sebastian Kamann, William Chantereau, Meghan Hughes, Hannah Dalgleish, Chris Usher and Silvia Martocchia. 

July 18th, 2018

Group photo at the away day, Hilbre Island.  From left to right:  Osi, Hannah Dalgleish, Chris Usher, William Chantereau, Joel Pfeffer, Nate Bastian, Maria de Juan Ovelar, Nina de Juan Ovelar, Sebastian Kamann,  Meghan Hughes, and Silvia Martocchia. 

May 21st, 2018