E&D committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee meets fortnightly within the department. The committee is open to all and if you wish to join please contact the chairs, Stacey Habergham-Mawson and Marie Martig.

We have recently been awarded the Juno Practitioner status where we have demonstrated that as a department we provide a ‘robust organisational framework to deliver equality of opportunity and reward’. More information on the IOP Juno project and the criteria for practitioner status can be found here.

LJMU holds an Athena Swan Bronze award. We are also working on a departmental Athena Swan Bronze application to officially recognise that in addition to LJMU-wide policies, our department is working to ‘promote gender equality and to identify and address challenges particular to the department and discipline’. More information on the Athena Swan charter can be found here.

The role of the committee is to oversee improvements in the ARI environment and relations at all levels in the interests of wider equality and diversity by:

  • Embracing the six Juno principles of good practice
  • Collating and annually reviewing statistical and qualitative data and receiving reports from relevant areas, including gender-disaggregated information on undergraduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral admissions as well as job applications, appointments and promotions
  • Researching areas of good practice across the sector and producing departmental ‘Good Practice’ guides
  • Generating and implementing an Action Plan, including monitoring progress and regularly updating the plan based on feedback from staff and students
  • Reporting back to the departmental management board and central university committees to try and affect wider change in the pursuit of advancements in equality and diversity


The E&D Committee is made up of academic and support staff and students (postgraduate and undergraduate). The full committee is shown in the table below:

The ARI E&D Committee
Name Photo Email (+ljmu.ac.uk) About Training
Allister Cockeram Allister A.M.Cockeram@2014. Allister is a PhD student studying the host galaxies of long gamma-ray bursts with Dan Perley. He also completed his MPhys at LJMU in 2018. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training (1 day)
Chris Collins CAC C.A.Collins@ Chris is Professor of Cosmology and Head of the Astrophysics Research Institute. He has been a member of the academic staff since 1994. Unconscious bias workshop, various MHFA courses.
Danielle Coogan Danielle D.Coogan@ Danielle is an administrative assistant at LJMU since 2014 and has previously worked in student support at UoL. Unconscious Bias Workshop, MHFA Training (Half Day), counselling administrator at UoL, Suicide Awareness Training.
Chris Copperwheat CC C.M.Copperwheat@ Chris is a Reader and the Liverpool Telescope Astronomer in Charge. His research is based around time resolved studies of binary stars and transients. Unconscious bias workshop.
Matt Darnley mjd M.J.Darnley@ Matt is Head of Teaching at the ARI and works on novae as single degenerate progenitors of SNe Ia, using observations and simulations.  Matt has been at LJMU since October 2001. IoP unconscious bias training. ILM Development Programme in Coaching & Mentoring.
Joe Fernandez   J.J.Fernandez@2017. Joe is a PhD student working on precursor systems to gravitational waves with Shiho Kobayashi. Unconscious bias workshop.
Kate Furnell Furnell K.E.Furnell@2015. Kate is a PhD student in observational cosmology and galaxy evolution working with Chris Collins.  MHFA Training (1 Day), Unconscious Bias Workshop, Experience with Student Advice and Support Service.
Joaquín García de la Cruz Joaquín García pic J.GarciadelaCruz@2017. Joaquín is a PhD student in galaxy simulations and galactic archeology working with Marie Martig. Unconscious bias workshop, Mental Health First Aid training (1 day).
Stacey Habergham-Mawson SHM S.M.Habergham@ Stacey completed her PhD in supernova host galaxy environments in 2013 and following a short post-doc took the position as Project Manager of the National Schools’ Observatory at LJMU in September 2014. Mental Health First Aid Qualified, Unconscious bias training (IoP and in house), Chair of RAS Committee for Diversity in Astronomy and Geophysics, Girls Network Mentor Training, Keeping Race Equality on the Agenda workshop
Helen Jermak hej H.E.Jermak@ Helen completed her PhD in polarimetry of relativistic jets at LJMU in 2016 and now works as Project Scientist for the New Robotic Telescope. Mental Health First Aid, Unconscious Bias training, Intercultural Competence training, suicide awareness training.
Marie Martig Marie M.Martig@ Marie is a Senior Lecturer working on galactic archaeology using simulations and observations. She has been at LJMU since May 2017. Mental Health First Aid training (2 days), Unconscious bias workshop, Transgender Awareness workshop.
Fiona Murphy-Glaysher   F.J.MurphyGlaysher@2018. Fiona is a PhD student studying nova accretion processes in different stellar environments with Matt Darnley. Mental Health First Aid workshop
Andy Newsam andy A.Newsam@ Andy is Professor of Astronomy Education and Engagement, and is director the National Schools’ Observatory. He has been at LJMU for more than 20 years. Unconscious Bias training
Maisie Rashman   M.F.Rashman@2016. Maisie is a PhD student in IR instrumentation working with Iain Steele. MHFA Training (1 day), Unconscious Bias Workshop.
Manisha Shrestha MS M.Shrestha@ Manisha is a PDRA doing time domain polarimetry mostly focusing on gamma ray bursts. Manisha is working on polarization data from Liverpool Telescope and will work on creating models to simulate the polarization behavior of various objects. Unconscious Bias Workshop