Merseyside Astronomy Day

Prof Andy Newsam

Andy Newsam Name: Prof Andy Newsam
Place: Liverpool John Moores University

Andy's first degree was in Computation Physics at Warwick University after which he decided to move into astronomy and did a PhD at Glasgow University. His research there was fairly theoretical (the thesis title was "Mapping the Large Scale Structure of the Universe"). After submitting the thesis he was immediately thrown into the heady world of observational astronomy with a Postdoctoral job at Southampton University studying the Cosmic X-ray Background. After discovering some of the delights of professional observation (jet-lag, freezing cold, sleep deprivation, altitude sickness etc.) he became hooked and has taken every opportunity since to go observing. Andy is now the Director of the National Schools' Observatory (NSO), which allows school children to make observations and carry out experiments with the world's largest robotic telescope.

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