Discovery of 'invisible' galaxies deep in Space

Image showing the position of Rebels 12, 12-2, 29 & 29-2 galaxies

The discovery of ‘invisible’ galaxies billions of light years from Earth is helping us understand the origins of the Universe, say astrophysicists.

A new study published in Nature suggests scientists have been missing up to one out of every five galaxies in the early Universe because of this ‘blind spot'.

An international research collaboration called REBELS, involving LJMU’s Astrophysics Research Institute, stumbled upon the invisible galaxies by accident.

Dr Renske Smit, at LJMU, said: ''This discovery was so unexpected, we designed a survey to study some of the most distant galaxies known, and suddenly these invisible 'neighbours' showed up!

“Now that we have found these galaxies, we believe many more invisible galaxies could exist in the early Universe!"

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