The top ten winners are:

Color Name Number of votes
(from JHU astronomers)
Cappuccino Cosmico 17 Peter Drum
Cosmic Cream 8 Several
Astronomer Green 8 ?
Astronomical Almond 7 Lisa Rose
Skyvory 7 Michael Howard
Univeige 6 Several
Cosmic Latte/Latteo* 6 Peter Drum/Rees Bear
Big Bang Buff/Blush/Beige 13 Lots!!!
Cosmic Khaki 5  
Primordial Clam Chowder 4  

We deem the joint winners to be Peter Drum & Rees Bear for "Cosmic Latte" (with some editorial bias in the final choice).

* Our favourite suggestion because "Latteo" means "Milky" in Galileo's native Italian. So a nice cosmic conneection: "Via Lattea" is the "Milky Way" and the color of the Universe woould be pretty similar to the color of the Milky Way Galaxy, it is of course just the sum of the light of all the galaxies.

Karl Glazebrook & Ivan Baldry

Last change: July 1st, 2002