More on the Cosmic Spectrum: Beyond the Visible

The figure below shows the ultraviolet to infrared cosmic spectrum. The pink crosses represent the data while the lines represent model spectra. The blue line represents the stellar component, the cyan line the nebular component, the red line the dust component and the green line the total spectrum. Note that the active galactic nucleus (black hole accretion) contribution is not shown (expected to be small). The models are from Fioc & Rocca-Volmerage (1997; PEGASE) for the stellar and nebular emission and Dale & Helou (2002) for the dust emission. The data are from Budavari et al. (2005) for the 0.1-0.3 micron measurements, Blanton et al. (2003) for 0.3-1.0 microns, Cole et al. (2001) and Kochanek et al. (2001) for 2.2 microns, Saunders et al. (1990) for the 42-122 micron band and Soifer & Neugebauer (1991) for the other four IR measurements. The best fit model spectrum was obtained using analysis similar to that of Baldry & Glazebrook (2003).

Cosmic spectrum from the ultraviolet to infrared: Stellar, nebular and dust emission

Ivan Baldry, written 2003 October 23rd, updated 2005 October 13th.