List of galaxy redshift surveys

Galaxy redshift surveys aim to provide fundamental data on galaxies and the distribution of galaxies. The criteria for this list is: (1) a field survey, i.e., no specific structure is targeted; (2) spectroscopic redshifts obtained with resolving power > 100; (3) well defined selection criteria with magnitude limits from optical to near-IR, i.e., predominantly stellar light, quasar surveys are not included; (4) more than 5000 galaxy redshifts obtained.

Optical to near-infrared surveys listed in alphabetical order:

Surveys with other wavelength selections:

Other shallow/intermediate-depth surveys (less than 5000):

Other deep surveys:

Compilations of redshifts:

One way to parametrically compare these surveys that use a variety of selection wavelengths is a plot of the sky density of galaxy redshifts obtained (depth) versus area. This is shown in the Figure below.
Comparison between galaxy redshift surveys: squares represent predominantly magnitude-limited surveys; circles represent surveys involving colour cuts for photometric redshift selection; while triangles represent highly targeted surveys. Filled symbols show completed surveys. Surveys are colour coded according to selection wavelength. The dotted lines correspond to surveys of 1000, 104, 105, 106 and 107 galaxies. parameter space covered galaxy redshift surveys

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