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PHYS100 - Physics Icebreaker Project

2012 - Mission to Mars!
2013 - Mission to Mars!
2014 - Rescue Mission to Mars!
2015 - Race to Mars!
2016 - Colonize Mars!
2017 - Mission to Mars - The Legacy!
2018 - Mission to Mars - To The Poles!
2019 - Mission to Mars - From The Moon!

PHYS394 - Observational Astronomy

Our annual Astrophysics Field Trip to the Observatorio del Teide on the Canary Island of Tenerife. I was involved with the trips from the 2005/6 academic year until 2013/14, and served as the module leader since the stand alone module's inception in 2007/8 until 2013/14. I also led one of the field trip weeks in the 2016/17 academic year. From the 2019/20 academic year I again assumed the role of module leader.

PHYS453 - Time Domain Astrophysics (undergraduate)

A new level 7 module from 2019/20 onward, based on the successful 7006ASTPHY postgraduate taught module by the same name. I teach the nova part of this course.

7006ASTPHY - Time Domain Astrophysics (postgraduate)

I led the development of the brand new MSc Time Domain Astrophysics module and have been the module leader since the 2015/16 academic year.  The module contains diverse topics such as variable stars, novae, supernovae, and gamma ray bursts, and is delivered by an ensemble of Astrophysics staff.

Undergraduate / Postgraduate (Taught) Projects

Most academic years I supervise one or more of our undergraduate students for their BSc of MPhys projects, and also our distance learning students as part of the MSc projects.  These projects are typically closely connected with my Classical Nova research and a number of these have resulted in publications:

Past teaching

Astronomy by Distance Learning

From time to time, I act as either a module leader or a tutor for the LJMU Astronomy by Distance Learning course.  I have been involved with both the Stars and Galaxies courses.

PHYS251 - Introduction to Stellar Astrophysics

I was the module leader for the second year undergraduate course "Introduction to Stellar Astrophysics" from the 2006/7 academic year until 2011/12 when this course was taught for the last time before being replaced by a third year module "Stellar Astrophysics" (PHYS351) from 2013/14.

PHYS255/PHYS216 - Practical Astrophysics

PHYS252 - Astophysics Labs - was the first module I taught in the 2005/6 academic year and I was the module leader for this course from 2006/7. This course was taught for the final time in 2011/12, having now been replaced with the similar but new module PHYS216 from 2012/13.

PHYS216 is a year long second year module that I led from 2012/13 until 2016.17. This module encompasses four complementary parts, all delivered differently. A short lecture course on practical optical astronomy was also delivered first by Dr Sue Percival, then Dr Chris Davis, and finally Dr Chris Copperwheat. The problems classes supporting these lectures were hosted by Davis, Copperwheat and me. Revision sessions and an assessed exercise are also presided over by me and Davis or Copperwheat. The bulk of this module is the Astrophysics Labs which was taught jointly by me and Prof. Iain Steele.


My 10 most recent papers

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