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Maurizio Salaris

Professor of Stellar Astrophysics

Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
Member of the International Astronomical Union
Associate Editor of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Research interests

Theoretical stellar evolution
Galactic and extragalactic stellar populations

An astrophysics outreach project: The journey of the Serapis

Refereed publications

Textbook for Stellar Evolution/Stellar Populations courses

Book Cover Evolution of Stars and Stellar Populations
Maurizio Salaris, Santi Cassisi
ISBN: 0-470-09220-3
I'm happy to announce (January 2021) that "Evolution of Stars and Stellar Populations", made it to BookAuthority's 100 Best Astrophysics Books of All Time: BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honour to get this kind of recognition. Thank you for all your support!

Book for researchers and postgraduate courses

Book Cover Old Stellar Populations
Santi Cassisi, Maurizio Salaris
ISBN: 978-3-527-41059-0

Out in May 2021

Book Cover Age-dating stars: From the Sun to distant galaxies
Maurizio Salaris
ISBN: 9780367441241

Stellar evolution and stellar population synthesis database

BaSTI (a Bag of Stellar Tracks and Isochrones)

BaSTI-IAC database. An aupdate of BaSTI

Astronomy/Astrophysics free codes

Stellar Astrophysics resources (IAU Commission 35)

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2001 A Space Odissey resource-archive
SF literature
J.G. Ballard
H.P. Lovecraft

Contact Details

Maurizio Salaris
Professor of Stellar Astrophysics
Astrophysics Research Institute
Liverpool John Moores University
IC2, Liverpool Science Park
146 Brownlow Hill
Liverpool L3 5RF
United Kingdom.