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    Sep 27 Undergraduate Open Day

    click for details.

    Oct 01 Seminar

    Scott Ransom (NRAO)

    Oct 08 Seminar

    Amelie Saintonge (UCL)

    Oct 11 Undergraduate Open Day

    click for details.

    Oct 15 Seminar

    Stuart Littlefair (Sheffield)

    Latest News

    STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships 2014 available

    Research Council confirms future Liverpool Telescope Operations funding

    Research finds unknown jets from stars and new planetary nebulae

    ARI receives Medals for Excellence in the Graduation Ceremony

    Recent Publications

    • Radio frequency models of novae in eruption. I. the free-free process in bipolar morphologies. Astrophysical Journal, vol. 792(1). doi>
    • The Gaia-ESO Survey: the chemical structure of the Galactic discs from the first internal data release. link>
    • The Gaia-ESO Survey: metallicity and kinematic trends in the Milky Way bulge. link>
    • First evidence of fully spatially mixed first and second generations in globular clusters: The case of NGC 6362. Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol. 791(1). doi>

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