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    Apr 29 Seminar

    Haley Gomez (Cardiff)

    May 06 Seminar

    Christian Knigge (Southampton)

    May 13 Seminar

    Nick Wright (UHerts)

    May 20 Seminar

    Didier Queloz (Cambridge)

    May 27 Seminar

    Sarah Bridle (Manchester)

    Latest News

    Astronomers catch Tatooine multiple star system as it forms

    European Grant to help our understanding of how galaxies form

    Exceptional Research Excellence Framework (REF) results

    ARI creates simulation of the Universe with realistic galaxies

    Recent Publications

    • Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) Blended Spectra Catalog: Strong Galaxy-Galaxy Lens and Occulting Galaxy Pair Candidates. 1503.04813v1.pdf link>
    • Molecular hydrogen abundances of galaxies in the EAGLE simulations. 1503.04807v1.pdf link>
    • Stellar models with mixing length and T(tau) relations calibrated on 3D convection simulations. link>
    • Spectrophotometric analysis of GRB afterglow extinction curves with X-shooter. 1503.03623v1.pdf link>

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