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  • LJMU astronomers take part in BBC Stargazing Live 2013 at Tatton Park

    Thursday 10th January 2013, 6.00pm to 10.00pm.

    Astronomers from Liverpool John Moores University entertained the crowds at the BBC's Stargazing Live public event at Tatton Park. Around 2000 visitors attended the event organised by the BBC, other guests included local astronomy groups, touring planetaria and a panel of experts discussing the possibility of life on Mars and other planets, dark matter, supernovae and black holes.

    Mike Bode, Director of the Astrophysics Research Institute commented:

    "It was a very hectic evening, but very enjoyable. It was great to meet so many people from such a diverse range of backgrounds, all of whom seemed so enthused by the whole event."

    The team from LJMU ran three activities throughout the night;

    - The Moonsaic giant jigsaw (fastest completion was by Bob, Jake and Billy with 1 minute 36 seconds!)
    - Using the Liverpool Telescope and LTImage to make observations
    - The Universe Numbers Game

    Chris Davis, Astronomer in Charge for the Liverpool Telescope (LT), created the number game and said:

    "It was popular will all ages, and seemed to be enjoyed by all who played. The game was a great ice-breaker; along with the Moonsaic and demos, it helped attracted people to our stand where they could meet professional astronomers, learn about the LT, find out about National Schools’ Observatory (NSO), and discover what the University has to offer in terms of undergraduate/postgraduate studies and distance learning".

    Visitors to Stargazing LIVE 2013, NSO Demonstration and the Universe Numbers Game
    Visitors to Stargazing LIVE 2013, The Moonsaic Challenge