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  • The First International M31 Recurrent Nova Workshop

    12a 1.jpg

    From Monday 18th January - Friday 22nd January 2016, the Astrophysics Research Institute is hosting the First International M31 Recurrent Nova Workshop.

    The remarkable recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a exhibits the shortest inter-eruption timescale (recurrence period) of all known novae, just one year - or even as short as six months. This interacting binary system contains a white dwarf very close to the Chandrasekhar mass limit which is accreting matter from its companion star at an elevated rate - the system is the best known, pre-explosion, supernova type Ia candidate.

    This workshop brings together astronomers from the UK, Europe, and the US, to discuss the 2015 eruption of this system, including newly received Hubble Space Telescope data; but also to explore and attempt to understand the extreme physical processes at play as the system slowly creeps towards a possible supernova.

    The Wednesday will see the participants joined by more UK based astronomers for a triannual UK Nova meeting, with Prof. Mike Bode's retrospective lecture taking place that evening.

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