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  • Staff at the Astrophysics Research Institute

    The personnel of the Astrophysics Research Institute are listed below.

    For general enquiries, please contact us on:

    • Telephone (within UK): 0151 231 2941
    • Telephone (International): +44 151 231 2941
    • Fax: 0151 231 2910

    or to contact an individual:

    • Telephone: 0151 231 <Ext>
    • Email: add on to the end of the address given.

    Home pages of several members of staff can be accessed by selecting the link on their names

    Name Position Telephone
    Email (add
    Ivan Baldry Professor of Astrophysics 2915 I.Baldry
    Denise Barbosa de Castro PDRA 2946 D.BarbosaDeCastro
    Robert Barnsley Liverpool Telescope Instrument Scientist 2934 R.M.Barnsley
    Nate Bastian Professor 2933 N.J.Bastian
    Stuart Bates Liverpool Telescope Engineering Manager 2904 S.D.Bates
    David Bersier Reader in Astrophysics 2939 D.F.Bersier
    Carrie Bilir Admin Assistant 2941 C.L.Bilir
    Mike Bode Professor of Astrophysics 2920 M.Bode
    David Bowdley NSO Education Officer D.Bowdley
    Neil Clay Liverpool Telescope DevOps Engineer 2928 N.R.Clay
    Chris Collins Head of Institute
    Professor of Cosmology
    2918 C.A.Collins
    Chris Copperwheat Liverpool Telescope Astronomer in Charge 2914 C.M.Copperwheat
    Martin Coulby NSO Marketing Officer 2905 M.Coulby
    Rob Crain Royal Society University Research Fellow 904 6560 R.A.Crain
    Matt Darnley Senior Lecturer
    Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
    2906 M.J.Darnley
    Ben Davies Senior Lecturer 2930 B.Davies
    David Eden PDRA 2946 D.J.Eden
    Andreea Font Senior Lecturer 2927 A.S.Font
    Stacey Habergham NSO Manager and
    Ogden Science Officer
    2905 S.M.Habergham
    Daniel Harman Research Astronomer
    Research Computing Manager
    2902 D.J.Harman
    Jonathan Henshaw PDRA 2946 J.D.Henshaw
    Anna Hodgkinson Head of Institute's PA 2919 A.E.Hodgkinson
    David Hyder Senior Programme Administrator 2900 D.Hyder
    Phil James Professor of Extragalactic Astrophysics 2916 P.A.James
    Alison Keen NSO Marketing Officer 2905 A.Keen
    Lee Kelvin PDRA 2946 L.S.Kelvin
    Johan Knapen Visiting Professor 2926 J.H.Knapen
    Shiho Kobayashi Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics 2901 S.Kobayashi
    Carmela Lardo PDRA 2946 C.Lardo
    Christopher Leigh Strategic Projects' Coordinator 2940 C.Leigh
    Fraser Lewis NSO Operations Officer 2940 F.W.Lewis
    Steve Longmore Reader in Astrophysics 2929 S.N.Longmore
    Stuart Macaulay IT Support 2925 S.Macaulay
    Witold Maciejewski Senior Lecturer 2913 W.Maciejewski
    Jonathan Marchant TMC Operations Support Scientist 2903 J.Marchant
    Paolo Mazzali Professor 2937 P.Mazzali
    Ian McCarthy Senior Lecturer 2931 I.G.McCarthy
    Toby Moore Reader in Astrophysics 2908 T.J.Moore
    Chris Mottram Telescope Software Engineer 904 6591 C.Mottram
    Andrew Newsam Professor of Astronomy Education and Engagement 2909 A.Newsam
    Maria de Juan Ovelar Visiting Research Fellow 2950 M.DeJuanOvelar
    Richard Parker RAS Research Fellow 2949 R.J.Parker
    Maureen Pattullo Finance Officer 2907 M.Pattullo
    Susan Percival Visiting Research Fellow 2944 S.M.Percival
    Joel Pfeffer PDRA 2917 J.L.Pfeffer
    Elena Pian Visiting Research Fellow E.Pian
    Caroline Ramsay LT Group Secretary 2938 C.F.Ramsay
    Maurizio Salaris Professor of Stellar Astrophysics
    Postgraduate Admissions
    2911 M.Salaris
    Michele Sasdelli PDRA 2946 M.Sasdelli
    Ricardo Schiavon Reader in Astrophysics 2945 R.P.Schiavon
    Robert Smith Telescope Operations Manager R.J.Smith
    Iain Steele Professor of Astronomical Techniques
    Liverpool Telescope Director
    2912 I.A.Steele
    Amy Tyndall Astronomy DL and Engagement Developer 2940 A.A.Tyndall
    Christopher Usher PDRA 2917 C.G.Usher

    Research Students at the Astrophysics Research Institute

    Please note the difference in email addresses.

    Name Telephone
    Email (add
    Douglas Arnold 2950 D.Arnold@2009.
    Christopher Ashall 2923 C.Ashall@2013.
    Ashley Barnes 2923 A.T.Barnes@2014.
    Emma Beasor 2923 E.Beasor@2010.
    Martyn Bristow 2950 M.Bristow@2007.
    Harry Brown 2923 H.M.Brown@2011.
    Caroline Caldwell 2950 C.E.Caldwell@2012.
    Ivan Cabrera 2923 I.CabreraZiriCastro@2013.
    Kate Furnell 2923 K.E.Furnell@2015.
    Scot Hickinbottom 2950 S.A.Hickinbottom@2011.
    Katherine Hollyhead 2923 K.Hollyhead@2013.
    Clare Ivory 2950 C.F.Ivory@2007.
    Helen Jermak 2950 H.E.Jermak@2012.
    Jessica Kitamura 2923 J.R.Kitamura@2015.
    Gavin Lamb 2923 G.P.Lamb@2010.
    Ted Mackereth 2923 J.E.Mackereth@2011.
    Benjamin Mummery 2923 B.O.Mummery@2010.
    Rhana Nicholson 2923 R.B.Nicholson@2011.
    Andrzej Piascik 2923 A.S.Piascik@2013.
    Simon Prentice 2923 S.J.Prentice@2014.
    Andrew Rigby 2923 A.J.Rigby@2008.
    Alessandro Savino 2923 A.Savino@2014.
    Lawrence Short 2923 L.A.Short@2015.
    Adrien Thob 2923 A.Thob@2015.
    Kevin Tsang 2923 K.Tsang@2011.
    Daniel Walker 2923 D.L.Walker@2009.
    Sam Walton 2923 S.R.Walton@2011.
    Richard Williams 2923 R.P.Williams@2012.
    Robert Williams 2923 R.A.Williams@2013.