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  • Scaling Relations of Galaxy Clusters

    UPDATE: The majority of the talks are now available as pdf files on the Schedule page

    PRESS RELEASE: Astronomers reveal a cosmic 'Axis of Evil' - Cluster community to work together to solve new Universe puzzle click for details

    Scaling relations provide a fundamental measurement of the mass distribution within galaxy clusters, the baryonic physics of the interstellar medium and the underlying cosmological parameters. The focus of this meeting is: (i) the measurement of X-ray, optical and SZ scaling laws in local and intermediate redshift systems to investigate the evolution of the intra-cluster medium; (ii) the application of these measurements in cluster surveys to measure cosmological parameters; (iii) comparison between theory and observations and the direction for future high redshift cluster studies.

    SDSS DR7 colour image and XCS overlay of XMMXCSJ130749.6+292549 at z=0.24 Credit:XCS consortium.
    Scaled cluster density profiles (Planck Collaboration: Aghanim et al., 2011, A&A, arXiv:1101.2025)

    Confirmed Speakers:

    There will be scope for contributed oral presentations and posters (incl. 5 mins oral summary).

    The Detailed Programme is now here


    Contributed talks and posters (please specify which is preferred) - *Friday 3rd June 2011*

    Registration - Early response is appreciated as venue is limited: note there is no registration fee.

    Please reply to Chris Collins

    For hotel bookings and queries etc. please contact (Anna Hodgkinson +44 (0)151 231 2919)

    Journal Club - 25 AprRich Williams

    Seminar - 30 AprMark Swinbank (Durham)
    First results from two ALMA surveys of sub-mm galaxies in the ECDFS and UDS fields (...more)

    Seminar - 07 MayMatt Bershady (Wisconsin)
    TBC (...more)

    Seminar - 14 MayKate Maguire (ESO)
    TBC (...more)

    Seminar - 21 MayAnnette Ferguson (Edinburgh)
    TBC (...more)


    Merseyside Astronomy Day IX Saturday, Apr 26, 2014
    The event will include a series of talks from a range of professional astrophysicists, with some additions this year in our new venue including an Ask the Astronomer panel session and an exhibition.
    For further details and full programme including how to book, click here

    NEWS - 04 Apr 2014 LJMU Astronomers challenge cosmological model (...details)

    NEWS - 23 Jan 2014 A remarkable recurrent nova in M31 (...details)

    NEWS - 10 Dec 2013 Cosmic traffic jam probed by giant robot (...details)

    NEWS - 06 Dec 2013 150th Anniversary of UK-Japan Academic Interaction (...details)

    NEWS - 28 Nov 2013 Liverpool Telescope goes comet chasing with Sky at Night (...details)

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