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  • Scaling Relations of Galaxy Clusters

    UPDATE: The majority of the talks are now available as pdf files on the Schedule page

    PRESS RELEASE: Astronomers reveal a cosmic 'Axis of Evil' - Cluster community to work together to solve new Universe puzzle click for details

    Scaling relations provide a fundamental measurement of the mass distribution within galaxy clusters, the baryonic physics of the interstellar medium and the underlying cosmological parameters. The focus of this meeting is: (i) the measurement of X-ray, optical and SZ scaling laws in local and intermediate redshift systems to investigate the evolution of the intra-cluster medium; (ii) the application of these measurements in cluster surveys to measure cosmological parameters; (iii) comparison between theory and observations and the direction for future high redshift cluster studies.

    SDSS DR7 colour image and XCS overlay of XMMXCSJ130749.6+292549 at z=0.24 Credit:XCS consortium.
    Scaled cluster density profiles (Planck Collaboration: Aghanim et al., 2011, A&A, arXiv:1101.2025)

    Confirmed Speakers:

    There will be scope for contributed oral presentations and posters (incl. 5 mins oral summary).

    The Detailed Programme is now here


    Contributed talks and posters (please specify which is preferred) - *Friday 3rd June 2011*

    Registration - Early response is appreciated as venue is limited: note there is no registration fee.

    Please reply to Chris Collins

    For hotel bookings and queries etc. please contact (Anna Hodgkinson +44 (0)151 231 2919)