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    Research Staff

    Research interests
    (O=observations, T=theory)

    David Bersier D.F.Bersier variables, SNe, GRBs (O; ADS)
    Chris Copperwheat C.M.Copperwheat CVs (O; ADS)
    Matt Darnley M.J.Darnley novae, microlensing (O; ADS)
    Stacey Habergham S.M.Habergham SNe (O; ADS)
    Daniel Harman D.J.Harman PNe, nova remnants (O; ADS)
    Phil James P.A.James SNe (O; ADS)
    Shiho Kobayashi S.Kobayashi compact objects, GRBs (T; ADS)
    Paolo Mazzali P.Mazzali SNe (T; ADS)
    Andy Newsam A.Newsam (O; ADS)
    Daniel Perley D.A.Perley
    Robert Smith R.J.Smith (O)
    Iain Steele I.A.Steele exoplanets, Be stars, GRBs (O; ADS)

    Postdocs and Fellows
    Chris Ashall C.Ashall SNe (O; ADS)
    Helen Jermak H.E.Jermak

    Visiting Research Fellows
    Elena Pian E.Pian SNe
    Steven Williams S.C.Williams novae, SNe (O; ADS)

    Graduate Students (add to emails)
    Douglas Arnold D.Arnold@2009. (O)
    Andrzej Piascik A.S.Piascik@2013. (O; ADS)
    Simon Prentice S.J.Prentice@2014. SNe (T; ADS)
    Lawrence Short L.A.Short@2015. variables (O)
    Kevin Tsang K.Tsang@2011. variables (O)

    PhD Positions

    We offer PhD projects in all our research areas. We encourage potential applicants to contact individual staff members about projects.